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Reach and Teach At Least One

Make at least one person literate by using the Global Dream Toolkit.

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Start a Global Dream Lab

Make education the cornerstone of our mission, accessible to everyone.

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Start a One Teacher School

Make a better world by bringing the people together.

The literacy programme

Global dream 2f 2e

F Functional Literacy, F Financial Literacy, E Entrepreneurship, E Empowerment

DEVI’s new project ‘Global Dream 2F 2E’ involves the use of innovative curriculum to give the gift of education to someone who has only dreamt of it. It has three levels for functional and financial literacy:

Level 1: Reading
Level 2: Writing
Level 3: Numeracy

All goals of functional and financial literacy are-built into these three levels. Further levels of education take a child or an adult from functional literacy to Class V level (See Backpack Project). Entrepreneurship training is also being planned. This program aims to use income generating training and opportunities to create the incentives and motivation to acquire an education.

We believe that education should address the daily challenges faced by individuals. The Global Dream curriculum goes beyond functional and financial literacy which are the first and most significant steps. They create the desire to learn more and the hope that this is possible. Combined with training in entrepreneurship, these are the first steps in a person’s empowerment process.

Global Dream 2F Curriculum

A Global Dream Reading Curriculum was piloted and tested at different sites in Lucknow by school children and volunteers. On the 19th of April some school children took the curriculum to a village. In an hour or so, they managed to convince 20 individuals (children and adults) to come to their school and learn from them.

The feedback from these children was so encouraging, and their enthusiasm so powerful, this led to the formation of the first Global Dream Summer Camp and to the idea that school children can, indeed, play a major role in promoting literacy.

In addition, a campaign “EACH ONE TEACH AT LEAST ONE” was launched involving school children from across the city. In the first week, more than 20,000 children were enlisted to identify and work with illiterate persons (‘learners’) and teach them how to read as their summer assignment. With 20 minutes of time per day (10-15 hours of their time during this summer), they can take anyone from complete illiteracy to being able to read a newspaper!

An Innovative Curriculum

It has taken 14 years to come to this curriculum that makes learning to read REALLY easy for the learner. With the minimum of support from a mentor, an average child or adult (5-105 year of age!) can begin to read 2-letter words from the first session itself. With regular classes of no more than 20 minutes per day, most can master reading to the extent that they can read a newspaper within a month!

  • Even a slow and less regular learner can learn to read within two months.
  • A learner can learn anywhere, at any time and with anyone’s help.

Typical school based curriculum takes a learner 3 years or more to be able to read a newspaper. The first year, children learn ‘Swar’, the next year ‘Vyanjan’ and the third year ‘Matras’. ASER Report’s latest data shows that even after five years of education till Class V, over 25% of school going children cannot read.


The fact that most learners begin to read two-letter words from the first session itself, serves as a huge motivation. They keep coming back for more. Hardly anyone drops out for long.

Underprivileged children and adults have time and place constraints and they cannot wait for three years to learn to read. This is why Global Dream is effective.

Two backpacks are being designed to meet this educational need.

  • One backpack that takes a child or adult from functional illiteracy up to a Class III education.
  • A second backpack will take a learner to Class V education.

After this, the learner can take the National Institute of Open Schooling at Class III and V levels, and proceed to Class VI in regular schools.

  • Each backpack will contain self-learning books which require help from any mentor. It will also have hands-on learning materials that aid understanding and make learning joyful.
  • A learner can work with a mentor, or attend a regular school that uses these backpacks.
  • An average learner (10 years of age & up) can go from complete illiteracy to Class V education in 1 year if consistent and motivated. No more than one hour of mentoring per day is needed on a consistent basis plus another ½ hour of self-study.